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ROJAS TRASTEOS is the pioneering company and number ONE in Colombia. Leading creators in the development of home moving services and freight processes in the country.

It is the company positioned in the Sector since 1955, with a great track record and recognized experience not only in its brand and dedication, but also in its tradition and comprehensive recognition, always providing excellence and a great level of service in all operations that do.


ROJAS TRASTEOS is the company that provides comprehensive logistics services in removals, freight, warehouses, packaging and packaging for the transporting of goods, household goods and furniture at the urban and national level, offering innovative and competitive products and services with the philosophy of continuous improvement and sustainable development.


Consolidate ourselves as the leading model company in Latin America in comprehensive and logistics services in removals and freight, being the indispensable and responsible
supplier with excellence in the level of service.

Mudanzas - Rojas Trasteos Bogotá, Barranquilla, Medellín, Cartagena, Cali

ROJAS TRASTEOS was founded in 1955 as a response to the need of many taxi users who required to mobilize elements, they requested by radio telephone the service of small haulage, but the assistance of taxis did not provide this additional service of small removals and transport of goods.

Our founder, Mr. ALONSO ROJAS BENÍTEZ, with his recognized visionary attitude and associated with the RADIO REAL TAXI cooperative, bought some small vans to satisfy this novel and growing need of the capital’s people, the success achieved by the discipline and honest work of our founder it sparked rivalry from other members by forcing him to leave the cooperative and give up his corporate logo: the color black, and a winged shield on top of the vehicles.

Without any institutional backing, without his own identity, and harassed by the urgency of covering the credits with which he had acquired the vans, but with the conviction of hard work, he launched into an incredible adventure for his time, opening to the market with his Vehicles converted into mobile billboards, painted in striking red and white, which also carried his photograph, putting his own face as a guarantee of the quality of his impeccable work and his personal commitment to caring for the most precious belongings of his clients.

After more than 65 years ROJAS TRASTEOS has been more than in the market, it has remained in the memory and the Colombians heart, always being recognized for being an icon of honest work of each one of the people who for years have worked for our beloved company, with the same our founder conviction, we continue to be the pioneer transporting of household goods, furniture and fixtures in Colombia, our company has been a leader in technology innovation and creation of new business lines. We are the first to offer insurance policies with multiple protections to guarantee the cargo delivery in optimal conditions. We incorporate the concept of packaging in bubble wrap and stretch plastic to protect the most delicate items; we implement the modality of self-equipped vehicles with foam protectors; specials boxes for special use for tableware, porcelain, antiques and works of art; storage systems, warehousing, the storage of documents and files in the legal framework, preserving the respective physical supports for as long as required.

Each member of the ROJAS TRASTEOS team puts their hearts and souls to help Colombian families and companies progressing.

Living the principal values of our company, the leadership team and each employee exemplifies the compensation to the community, personally and professionally and we try every day to participate in activities in which we can repay the love that our beloved country professes for us.

• Sense of Belonging: we are aware that all the elements have great sentimental value for our clients.

• Responsibility: It is the high sense and awareness of the fulfillment of duty in the different situations of life, assuming the consequences that derive from it. We work to guarantee, anticipate and respond to the consequences of our operation at all levels.

• Compliance: reach the level of requirements and demands of all our clients with quality and efficiency. We operate with care and diligence to execute on time everything agreed with our clients.

• Respect: we firmly believe in the rules compliance and we value our clients for whom we are always ready to help cordially.

• Integrity: we are always looking pro the develop a leading and honest professional, teamwork, with a high sense of belonging and excellent attitude. We are always ready and oriented to a continuous improvement and best practice.

• Innovation: We deeply value development and change, we listen carefully to our employees and customers who constantly guide us to make our business better, creating and improving the services portfolio, always concerned with protecting our environment.

• Honesty: All our processes and policies govern us to act with rectitude, justice and integrity.

• Service Quality: The habit that identifies us and guarantees that we interpret the needs and expectations of our clients to offer them an agile, timely, safe and reliable service, even under unforeseen situations, making them feel understood, cared with dedication and surprised with a higher service quality than they expected.

ROJAS TRASTEOS SERVICIOS S.A, is committed to the Comprehensive Management policy in compliance with current legal and regulatory regulations that apply to its economic activity, contributing to society through business development, managing continuous improvement in all processes, acting under the strategic framework contemplated in the Mission, Vision and Values ​​and including the commitment of senior management; through the following pillars:

  • Quality and Safety in the service: satisfy customers by providing a high quality, reliable, timely, and safe transportation service, taking care of belongings and merchandise.
  • Safety and Health at Work: encourage the culture of self-care, healthy living, prevention of accidents and incidents, occupational diseases and control in conditions related to the safety and health of personnel, providing a better working environment.
  • Road safety: establish a culture of prevention of accidents and traffic incidents, through awareness-raising and training processes, framed in guidelines of citizen culture, applied to daily commuting and the promotion of life actions such as: compliance with regulations such as the use of seat belts, regulation of driving and rest hours and speed regulation.
  • Control policy for alcohol consumption, psychoactive substances and smoking: raise awareness of these risk factors that directly and negatively impact behavior and driving.
  • Policy of non-use of mobile equipment while driving: instruct on the risks and alternatives for the operation of mobile equipment while driving.
  • Information socialization and updating policy: preventively socialize and inform all collaborators about the factors to take into account when commuting.
  • Environmental Management: guarantee the care and environmental conservation, developing activities aimed at mitigating the environmental impacts produced in the development of activities, based on the promotion of a healthy, sustainable environment, the rational consumption of natural resources and their derivatives, the proper disposal of waste and the continuous improvement of environmental practices.
  • Risk Management and business continuity: comprehensively manage the organization’s risks, establishing preventive and mitigation actions that seek to protect resources, business continuity, the tranquility of collaborators and shareholders, and generating confidence in groups. of interest.
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