Mudanza de empresas y oficinas


In the business world, time is money and we know the importance of efficiency when moving a single office or an entire building. We will customize a business move-in schedule just for your ease, which includes night or weekend moves, to ensure you can work with as little interruption as possible. Because we know that your business is our business.
For company and office moving, our experiences of more than 60 years, give us the ability to handle institutional logistics with great operational capacity, which will guarantee you a complete solution that may include, if you wish: packaging, unpacking, installations, assemblies, electrical and electronic equipment installations, maintenance, cleaning, adjustments, among many other options that ROJAS TRASTEOS has for you.
For our corporate moving service, we know the quality parameters and we are committed to current needs.

We are experts in integral logistics for the handling of office furniture in buildings, locals, warehouses, shopping malls, by elevator, stairs, corridors, underground entrances and their surroundings, as well as in small spaces.

We have the required equipment that allows us to speed up the times, which you will see reflected in the optimization of costs that you have calculated for the moving of your company.

You can rest assured that we have all the insurances you require and we can make additional insurance for everything you require.


By providing you with the same services of moving experts that we provide with moving homes, our corporate moving professionals will be able to assist you if you need an internal office move or the total relocations of a large company in its new headquarters.

We provide commercial moving services for:

Company headquarters

Professional offices

Wholesale and retail stores
Medical consultants

Educational facilities
Non-profit organizations

Big surfaces

Government buildings

Documentation deposits
Storage warehouses

¡Much more!

We work very hard in order you can focus on your business, not your move. Let us do the hard work for you so you can worry about what matters you most, that your business doesn’t stop.

And if you do not have enough space in the place where you are going to move, we can also offer you a warehouse service with all the quality and safety of ROJAS TRASTEOS SERVICIOS.

We give you 11 tips you must be aware at moving your offices

Depending on the size of your company and the number of employees, you may have an estimated time to move your office. However, when choosing the date of the movement, we recommend you do it during the months of least activity in your sector. This preventing that, during the period of the move, the activity of the company may be reduced or in some case it must stop completely.

If your company is not very large and you calculate that it does not need a lot of time, you could carry out the office mess on some nights or even during a weekend, thus avoiding losing working hours. Many companies decide to carry out their moving in the periods of less production, but you should take into account the possibility that some workers are on vacation.

In addition, it is advisable to keep in mind that, if you decide to do it on weekends or at night, the costs will be slightly higher, we recommend that you plan your office transfer in time to choose the most convenient date for your industry.

It is essential that each of the employees know what the role is and what they have to do at each moment of the move. A good practice is to have a moving calendar by department, which specifies when each employee should organize their belongings, clean and collect all their work items, pack items from the department, etc. Keep in mind to give at least two boxes to each employee with their respective labels to mark the boxes. The computer equipment lets us pack them to ensure they will arrive in perfect condition.

Carrying out office moving is hard and complicated work, so it is convenient to have professionals like ROJAS TRASTEOS.

There are many moving companies with previous experience in this type of movement, remember that you must have the permit from the SÚPER INTENDENCIA DE TRANSPONERTE with your due approval resolution. Before signing a contract, it is important to ensure that they have experience, you can request Purchase Orders for movements that they have recently made that meet the same characteristics as the one you are going to make, without a doubt ROJAS TRASTEOS will provide you with one. Do not forget that they must have all the valid insurances and request proofs that pay the social security to all their employees.

It is important that you know very well the place where you are going to arrive before the moving. In this way you will have planned the distribution of your new offices, you will be able to anticipate which objects from the old office are useful and which are not, you will be able to assign the offices to the different departments, your employees will know their new location, etc. In addition, if you plan the distribution of the elements you can even discard those that you will not need, which will reduce the volume of the move and by default, the price of it.

In companies, many documents, papers, materials, etc. that are not used are usually accumulated. Reflect and you will see that moving your office is a perfect opportunity to get rid of those objects that you do not use or, even, digitize your company’s documents to transport a smaller volume in this task can also help ROJAS TRASTEOS. Remember, the less volume, cheaper the move will be.

Before you start packing, request that each employee have a detailed inventory of their items and your one as well as the essential items you will need in your new office. Being careful with this inventory and giving the moving company a copy, once all the boxes are packed, it will help ensure that you have not lost anything during the move. You must make a diagram with the location of the different departments and positions of the employees so that we know where to locate the belongings of each employee and each section of your company.

The management of these equipment is essential when it comes to speeding up the return to normality of your company after doing removals, so it is important that you let in professional hands doing the packaged in a way it guarantees they will reach the destination in perfect condition, also We recommend you move the IT equipment with the workstations first, these usually require a longer installation and commissioning process.

Allow each employee to help with the work items that each one has, give them two boxes in advance so that they can have everything ready for the day of the movement.

Office transfers always carry delicate and valuable objects such as computers, conference tables, projectors, televisions, touch screens, electronic devices, etc. To protect your belongings, we recommend that you allow being packed by ROJAS TRASTEOS, we know the best way to prepare your objects for the move and when we pack them you know, they are completely our responsibility and are covered by our insurance.

Let all your customers and suppliers know in advance the change of location of your company. You can do it easily by sending informational emails, publishing it on your company’s social networks, with an announcement on the website and physically it means, a notice in the offices you leave and another in the offices you arrive informing of your arrival place.

Don’t forget to update your contact details in all the places where it appears. It is essential that you update the new address in places such as: social networks (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), Google My Business, business cards, website, email signatures and any other public site in which your direction appears.

Do not stress, your nerves can play tricks on you and make you take wrong decisions, let ROJAS TRASTEOS do the work that is a guarantee of quality, we do the work for you and you will have the confidence of, not having to worry about anything.

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