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We transport for you all kinds of merchandise in the city, nationally and also outside and international, we have strategic alliances, monitoring and traceability systems, today integrating processes and supply chains with the greatest control and security to offer you levels of extraordinary service.

We have a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) that allows us to have traceability at all the time and in the place so that you know exactly the process of your service and permanent real-time satellite tracking to know where your belongings are.

We have all kinds of moving tucks vehicles, updated and monitored under GPS, specialized in all types of merchandise and cargo.

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We can store, transport, distribute machines, home or office furniture, vehicles, office equipment, white goods, raw materials, technology equipment, high-cost products, and everything need yours requires.

Our track record and experience with modern technologies makes to ROJAS TRASTEOS the best strategical ally with a fair value, that has trained and professional staff and a service with knowledge, fluidity and agility in processes. Our quality makes you take the right decision and will get the best results of a company on the market.

We have 65 years of experience that give us the ability to handle the institutional logistics that you require.

It is important that you have a clear date when the move will take place to avoid complications. For example: if the date you have to be in your new home is July 1, it is important that you contact ROJAS TRASTEOS about 2 weeks in advance and decide the exact date of the moving, depending on the day of the week you can find special prices to save money. Three days before, you should start organizing to do everything well and on time. You can hire our packaging service that will be responsible for making all the packaging with trained and specialized personnel specifically for this task, our service includes all the necessary material to preserve your assets.

Only a serious company as ROJAS TRASTEOS will take care of all your good. Be suspicious of companies that do not have the necessary certifications from the transportation government department, that do not have their own personnel, or is specialized in this kind of work, distrust companies that do not have insurance that protect your goods, remember not only with blankets and boxes do you protect your goods.

What should I bring on my move?

Avoid carrying the unnecessary, it has the best time to clean and it is at the moment when you organize your move
When you start to open cabinets, drawers, etc., you will notice that you have a lot of things that you did not even remember existed, don’t worry, it happens to all of us. Our recommendation is that you take advantage of the occasion and separate everything you do not need, so you avoid packaging it, then you can decide whether to give it away, sell it or donate it.

Changing your house and moving is not just taking your things and move, there are some very important things that should not be neglected, to avoid future problems.

Indicate your new address to family and friends, as well as the date when you will already be installed.

If you have insurance, you will have to talk to your insurance company about the cancellation or if they can “transfer” the insurance to your new property.

Close all the supplies you have, water, electricity and gas. If you are for rent, it will be enough that you agree with the lessor so that it is clear until what day you are going to inhabit the property. If it is your own home, a very important recommendation is not to request the disconnection of services. If you have in mind to sell or rent your home in the coming months or even if a year will pass, it is better to pay the minimum fees without consumption, than the high value that reconnection means to have services again.

Building administrations generally request a letter to generate authorization for you to do the shuffling, this must be done at least a week in advance.

The administration will additionally ask you to give a deposit, which will guarantee that the common areas after the transfer are in perfect condition, be sure to check the walls, elevator, floors of the common areas and notify the administration of these so that in the at the time of withdrawing the deposit do not charge you damages that were not caused during the freight.

Try to be accompanied on the day of the move, so you can be aware of your waxes all the time.

You will not believe, but doing a fret is more work than it seems, think about the days in advance you need to pack and pack everything well.

Get boxes and newspaper, remember that recycling, reusing and reusing is everyone’s duty.

Also have on hand: pelex, tape, scissors and a thick marker. The boxes can be medium and large, you can find everything in our virtual store.

Follow an order. Keep what is in each room separately and mark each box with the name of the room that corresponds to it. Don’t forget to take inventory. And if you don’t want anything to break along the way, use bubble wrap or old sheets to wrap the most sensitive objects.

If you need to disassemble furniture, make sure not to lose any part, save the screws and the small parts of each one in plastic bags, specifying the furniture to which they belong. And if things get complicated, make a sketch of how they were mounted. Thus, it will be easier to assemble them again.

Take special care with dishes, glasses and cups. Before putting them in boxes, it is advisable to wrap them in newspaper, to avoid bumps and friction that can break them.

The most fragile objects, such as mirrors or crystals in general, it is recommended to wrap them in bubble-type plastic that you can find in our virtual store. You can also ask the advisor to attend you that ROJAS TRASTEOS make all the packaging, also request that when they are going to load them, reinforce with a blanket before putting it on the truck.

Thoroughly clean the refrigerator. The ideal is not to transport any food. You can ask a friend or family member to help you save the food from the freezer one day and not waste it.

Try to clean the carpets before rolling them.

We advise you write on each box with a thick marker, its contents and where it belongs, so you can tell our assistants where they should locate each item. This advice is greatly appreciated when you get to the new home.

One day before moving, it is convenient to keep in a folder all the documents that are important to you.

Likewise, all small and valuable objects, like jewelry, it is recommended that you transport them yourself in a suitcase or backpack. Remember that with ROJAS TRASTEOS you will have insurance for any unforeseen, breakage or loss of what is transferred, but think that there are things that money cannot return, so keep it handy.

When you have finished packing everything, give one last review of the whole house, remember to stop by the parking lot and the cellar, to confirm that you do not forget anything.

First, we advise you to assemble all the furniture, then you can unpack the boxes, try to fold them at the same time so they will take up less space and will not hinder you

Finally, plug in your fridge (remember that you must at least let it sit for 24 hours for this step).

In order for your freight to move forward and you do not spend days and days with your house upside down, continue to put things in the kitchen and bathroom (this generally requires a significant number of boxes, when you see many fewer boxes you will feel that you are almost finished). Then he organizes the rooms and ends with the living room, which is normally the room where most needs to be placed. Now is the best time to organize the bookstore by author or genre.

Making a move is a process and it takes work, but you must be full of enthusiasm for the change it involves. Do not think about the difficult, but keep in mind that it will be very difficult if you intend to do it all the last day, being organized and methodical will ensure you a more joyous move.

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