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Elija los metros cúbicos a utilizar.

Metros Cúbicos

En la siguiente guía puede ver un ejemplo, de los elementos, mobiliario, que puede guardar en nuestras bodegas.

De 51-60 metros cúbicos puedes almacenar los elementos de una vivienda de 200 metros cuadros aproximadamente.

En 41-50 metros cúbicos puedes almacenar los elementos de una vivienda de 167 metros cuadros aproximadamente.

En 31-40 metros cúbicos puedes almacenar los elementos de una vivienda de 133 metros cuadros aproximadamente.

En 21-30 metros cúbicos puedes almacenar los elementos de una vivienda de 100 metros cuadros aproximadamente.

En 11-20 metros cúbicos puedes almacenar los elementos de una vivienda de 67 metros cuadros aproximadamente.

En 1-10 metros cúbicos puedes almacenar los elementos de una vivienda de 33 metros cuadros aproximadamente.

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With ROJAS TRASTEOS you will have the storage space that you do not have at home to keep everything you love and cannot have at home, work or business. We have more than 65 years of experience and we offer you much more than a winery, we offer you a complete solution.

In ROJAS TRASTEOS we offer you, to have an extension of your home in our house, so you will be able to remodel your house, if you sold your house or apartment and it has not been delivered to you, you moved to a smaller place and all your furniture does not fit, If you are traveling for working, or a quick change of home, another short-term storage needed you may have is when you are found between homes, whether your home has been sold quickly and you need to move into a temporary home or apartment until finding a new home, or waiting for a new home to build and needing to stock items, downsizing your home is often even more stressful than the move itself, between downsizing items, garage sales, and finding time to donate unwanted items, you may still come across items that you are not ready to letm it go and need to store, you know you can call ROJAS TRASTEOS to store your items during this transition time. ROJAS TRASTEOS storage services will be very useful for long-term storage needs.

We have for your facilities in lockers or individual mini storage, strongly protected and insured, we have safe room for adequate storage.

Our experience is measured in full satisfaction and individuality. We also offer you multi-service storage systems, which makes our warehouses more practical, viable and functional services according for the needs you are looking for.

We are committed to making your moving experience a relaxing transition, whether you need storage space for a month or a year, ROJAS TRASTEOS covers all of your moving and storage needs.


ROJAS TRASTEOS is ready to introduce to you, our new mobile storage containers, which will soon provide you with a great portable storage option for your belongings. Many of our customers will be able to take advantage of these mobile storage units in the short term while their homes or offices are being renovated and it will be located in their facilities, warehouses or parking lots to have their belongings secure.

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